Responsible Lending

Responsible Lending

Dutton Financial Services Pty Ltd t/as “Dutton Financial Services” is a responsible licensee.

In line with the NCCP Act 2009, Dutton Financial Services approach to responsible lending is as follows

We will: 

  • ensure compliance with the National Consumer Credit Protection Act and associated regulations, as well as guidance published by ASIC and the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA);
  • ensure our finance consultants seek and verify information about our customer’s requirements and objectives and financial situation; and
  • ensure that Dutton Financial Services staff and representatives only recommend loans that are not unsuitable for a customer.

Encouraging customers to seek independent advice

Entering into a credit contract is an important decision. Dutton Financial Services encourages you to seek independent legal and financial advice as part of your decision-making process.

Credit guide

A credit guide provides preliminary information about us to the consumer and given to them before we engage in credit activities.

Credit Quote

A quote tells you the estimated cost of using our services, if we charge a fee. Before we provide credit assistance, we must provide a quote, and for you to have accepted the quote by signing and dating it. We also provide you a copy of the signed accepted quote.

Credit Proposal Document

A proposal document sets out the costs to the customer of using our services, including any commissions we may receive. We are required to give you a credit proposal document at the same time we provide credit assistance.

Preliminary Assessment

This is a preliminary or final written assessment that a credit contract or consumer lease is ‘not unsuitable’ for the consumer. We are required to provide you a free copy of the written assessment if you ask for one within seven years of entering into the credit contract

‘Money Smart’ is an initiative from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) which can help you with accessing financial information and free financial tools.

Dutton Financial Services Pty Ltd t/as “Dutton Financial Services”
Australian Credit Licence No 515 399